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Cookies in this statement were last updated on January 7, 2022, and apply to citizens of the European Economic Area.

1. Introduction

As a convenience to you, we refer to all technologies as “cookies” on our website,, collectively referred to as “the website.”.

We have also engaged third parties to place cookies. We provide below information about cookies that may be used on our site.

2. What are cookies?

Essentially, a cookie is a small, simple file stored on your computer’s hard drive or a device sent along with pages of a website. 

Our servers or third parties with whom we have a relationship may return the information to those servers upon our next visit.

3. What are scripts?

Scripts are pieces of programming code that enable our website to operate efficiently and interactively. You can execute the code on your computer or our server.

4. What is a web beacon?

Invisible, small pieces of text or images are called web beacons (or pixel tags) and allow you to track web page traffic. Web beacons are used to store various details of information about you.

5. Consent

The first time you visit our ( website, we will display a pop-up explaining cookie. By clicking “All cookies,” you agree that we may use all cookies and plug-ins as described in the pop-up and this cookie statement. 

Using your browser, you can disable cookies, but you should be aware that doing so may prevent the site from functioning correctly.

6. Cookies

6.1 Technical or functional cookies

A cookie may be necessary so that some parts of a website will work properly or your user preferences will be remembered. 

The placement of functional cookies makes your visit to our website more enjoyable. 

By doing so, you won’t have to enter the same information on our website repeatedly, and, for example, your shopping cart will remain empty until you have completed your purchase. Our website may place cookies without your permission.

6.2 Analytical cookies

Using analytical cookies helps us improve the user experience on our website. 

We can gain insights into how people interact with our site using these cookies. If you agree, we will place these cookies on your device.

6.3 Advertising cookies

On this ( website, we do not make use of any advertising cookies.

6.4 Social media buttons

To promote our ( website’s content, we have integrated Facebook and Instagram buttons (e.g. “like,” “pin”) and Twitter buttons (e.g., “tweet”) for social networks like Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook and Instagram use pieces of code to make these buttons work. These pieces of code place cookies in your browser. 

In addition to storing and processing certain information, social media buttons can also show personalized advertisements.

For more information about what these social networks do with your (personal) data that they collect using cookies, read their privacy statements (which can change regularly). 

Anonymized data is retrieved to the greatest extent possible. Instagram and Facebook are located in the U.S.

7. Placed Cookies

Google Analytics:

Statistics about our ( website are collected by Google Analytics.

Name Retention Function
_ga 2 years Store and count pageviews
_gid 1 day Store and count pageviews
_gat 1 minute Read and filter requests from bots


You can read the Google Analytics Privacy Statement for more information.

Google Ads Optimization

Our ( advertisements are displayed through Google Ads Optimization.

Name Retention Function
google_experiment_mod* 3 months Store and track visits across websites


You can read more about Google Ads Optimization Privacy in the Google Ads Optimization Privacy Statement.


For the display of social share buttons and/or recent social posts, we ( utilize Facebook.

Name Retention Function
_fbp 3 months Store and track visits across websites
_fbc 2 years Store last visit
fbm* 1 year Store account details
xs 3 months Store a unique session ID
fr 3 months Provide ad delivery or retargeting
act 90 days Store logged in users
datr 2 years Provide fraud prevention
c_user 30 days Store a unique user ID
sb 2 years Store browser details
*_fbm_ 1 year Store account details
wd 1 week Read screen resolution
csm 90 days Provide fraud prevention
presence session Store and track if the browser tab is active


To learn more about Facebook’s privacy policies, please read them.


We ( advertise with Taboola.

Name Retention Function
trc_cookie_storage 1 year Store a unique user ID
Purpose pending investigation
taboola global:lspb
taboola global:user-id Store a unique user ID
taboola global:local-storage-keys


We ( not share this information with third parties.


Cookie consent management is handled by Complianz.

Name Retention Function
complianz_policy_id 365 days Store accepted cookie policy ID
cmplz_choice 365 days Store if a message has been dismissed
cmplz_id 365 days Store cookie consent preferences
cmplz_user_data 365 days Determine which cookie banner to show


You can find more information in the Complianz Privacy Policy.

Google DoubleClick

We ( advertise cross-channel using Google DoubleClick.

Name Retention Function
__gads 13 months Provide ad delivery or retargeting
__ar_v4 persistent Store and track conversions
IDE 2 years Provide ad delivery or retargeting
_drt_ 90 days Provide ad delivery or retargeting
___gads 13 months Provide ad delivery or retargeting
id 90 days Provide ad delivery or retargeting
ar_v4 persistent Store and track conversions
DSID 2 weeks Store user preferences
idIDE 2 years Provide ad delivery or retargeting
Purpose pending investigation


You can find more information in the Google DoubleClick Privacy Policy.


We ( also use Criteo for remarketing.

Name Retention Function
Purpose pending investigation


You can find more information in the Criteo Privacy Policy.

Google Ads

Google Ads is the advertising platform we ( use.

Name Retention Function
google_pem_mod persistent Provide ad delivery or retargeting
goog_pem_mod persistent Provide ad delivery or retargeting
ads/ga-audiences expires immediately Store information for remarketing purposes


For more information, please review the Google Ads Privacy Policy.

Google Adsense

We show advertisements through Google Adsense.

Name Retention Function
google_adsense_settings persistent Provide ad delivery or retargeting
google_pub_config persistent Provide ad delivery or retargeting


You can find more information at Google Adsense Privacy Policy.

One Signal

We ( use One Signal for push notifications.

Name Retention Function
Purpose pending investigation
onesignal-notification-prompt persistent Store if a message has been dismissed


This data is not shared with third parties.


We ( use WooCommerce for webshop management.

Name Retention Function
Statistics Store last visit


Third parties do not have access to this data.


We ( use Instagram to display recent social posts and/or social share buttons.

Name Retention Function
actppresence 1 year Store ad display frequency


You can find more information in the Instagram Privacy Policy.

Google Fonts

The display of web fonts is handled by Google Fonts.

Name Retention Function
Google Fonts API expires immediately Read user IP address


You can find more information in the Google Fonts Privacy Policy.


Name Retention Function
Purpose pending investigation


We ( do not share this information with third parties.

8. Your rights concerning personal data

Regarding your data, you are entitled to the following rights:

  • It is up to you to know what will happen to your data and how long it will be kept.
  • Access to personal information: You have the right to access any of our information about you.
  • A person has the right to have their data supplemented, corrected, deleted, or blocked whenever they wish.
  • You have the right/option to revoke the consent you gave us to process your data and request your information deletion.
  • Your data can be transferred to another data controller in its entirety if you request it from the controller.
  • You have the right not to have your data processed. Unless there is a legitimate reason for processing data, we abide by this right.

For more information about these rights, don’t hesitate to contact us. For our contact information, please see below. 

The Data Protection Authority should be contacted if you have a complaint about handling your data. 

If you do not wish to reach us, you can submit a complaint to the supervisory authority (the Data Protection Authority).

9. Enabling/disabling and deleting cookies

You can delete cookies manually or automatically through your web browser. In addition, you can specify which cookies cannot be placed. 

Furthermore, you can change your browser settings to receive a notification whenever a cookie is set. Your browser’s Help section contains detailed instructions on using these options.

It is possible that our website will not function properly if all cookies are disabled. 

After deleting the cookies from your browser, they will be placed again after your consent whenever you revisit our website.

10. Contact details

You can contact us by using the following contact details with questions or comments regarding our cookie policy.

Website Name: Health Report 24

Address: 1689 Copperhead Road Hartford, CT 06103, Hartford


Email: (at)

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